Saturday, January 1, 2011


Posted by mama-khayra at 6:04 PM
dah lama tak update blog...dh masuk tahun 2011 dah..and i feel like i want to start that, bila dah tua leh bukak and baca balik kan...heh tgh semangat ni, tatau la kalau sok2 malas blk ke wahahaa..

bila tgk blk gambar2 lama n cerita2 lama yg aku penah tulis dalam blog ni, i feel like..'waahhhh'...see, u cant turn back time, but when u see the old pictures and read the story it will make u smile...;) sweet huh...

i hope this blog gonna keep the story of my life...keep my precious stories and pictures... is the first day of 2011...everyone talking about resolution. mine?i dont have one...hehee...why eh?sbb resolution put tense on idup kene la ada goal kan...that one i have just that i dont know when i can complete my goal and dream...

hopefully this year will be better than 2010...insyaAllah amin..

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.:: Suhaidah Tan ::. on January 3, 2011 at 10:07 AM said...

finally aunty u update ur blog....lamee sudooo tunggu n3 bru hehe :)) keep it up


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